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Our Team

We are fortunate to have such a great team. 
Here's our family...

Kris (owner, operations) - kris@chateautumbleweed.com

Joe (owner, winemaker) - joe@chateautumbleweed.com

Jeff (owner, vineyards) - jeff@chateautumbleweed.com

Kim (owner, business manager) - kim@chateautumbleweed.com

Cassy (general manager) - cassy@chateautumbleweed.com

Erin (cellar master) - erin@chateautumbleweed.com

Eva (assistant tasting room manager) - eva@chateautumbleweed.com

Lou (tasting room guru) - lou@chateautumbleweed.com

Dylan (tasting room guru) - dylan@chateautumbleweed.com

Morgan (tasting room guru) - morgan@chateautumbleweed.com

Earl and Melinda (owners)

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